Historic Site

In addition to the doctrinal and congregational history of the church, special historic interest attaches to Grace Reformed Church as well. 

The Church of Teddy Roosevelt:

Former United States President Theodore Roosevelt was a member of the congregation while President of the United States.

President Roosevelt often walked from the White House to attend Sunday morning worship services at Grace Church. He laid the cornerstone of the present Sanctuary and delivered an address at its Dedication.

Church Architecture

The architecture of Grace Reformed Church is a prime example of the Late Gothic Revival style in America. It’s exterior facades represent key influences in the history of the Reformed Church. The church’s stained glass windows contain matchless depictions of biblical scenes from the life of Christ. Above the alter, the church also houses an dominating mosaic of the Ascension.

Historic Organ

The historic organ in Grace Reformed Church.

A National Historic Place 

The church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

Donations & Support

Grace Reformed Church depends on the donations of individual who support the church and who desire to contribute to the upkeep of this historic property. All donations are tax deductible. Volunteer work days can also be arranged for school groups and charitable organizations.


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