Grace Reformed Church depends on the generous contributions of individuals and organizations.

Fellowship Giving

If you share our desire to see the Christian work of Grace Reformed Church continue and grow in the Washington, DC metro area, we hope you will consider supporting our efforts with a one-time or regular contributions to the church.  

Please send contributions to:

Grace Reformed Church

1405 15th Street NW

Washington DC 20005

Donations to Grace Reformed Church are tax deductable!

Historic Place Contributions

Grace Reformed Church is a registered National Historic Landmark.

Like many historic places, the church building and property continually face the need for extensive upkeep and repair.

The ornately beautiful church structure was designed with flawed architectural concepts that were popular in the early 20th Century,  that now require extensive work to address the preservation of the cathedral.

Other repair and upkeep needs for the facilities include the great church pipe organ  that, due to its age, is in need of constant and costly maintenance. Additional projects include updates to the sunday school rooms, heating systems, carpets, stained glass windows, etc.

The Church of Theodore Roosevelt Preservation Trust exists to help raise charitable funds for the upkeep and restoration of this national historical landmark.

Grace Reformed Church’s close connection to the history of one of our nation’s greatest leaders, President Theodore Roosevelt, is also a special focus of the Trust. Resident Roosevelt’s regular pew is still in the church, commemorated with a plaque, along with some personal belongings artifacts, and an original portrait of the president.

Charitable donations to the Trust are a crucial source of revenue for the upkeep of the property. It is our goal to preserve the history and legacy of this beautiful church for future generations. This historic site could not continue to exist without the benefactors of the Trust who are in public service and concern themselves with the historical legacy of Theodore Roosevelt.

You can make a meaningful contribution to Grace Reformed Church and the Teddy Roosevelt Trust with your contributions.

Donations can be specified to a particular purpose or project, or applied to where the Trust deems that the church needs it most. A gift can be made to the Trust in the name of a family member or friend. You could contribute a one-time gift, or you can pledge to make a larger gift by spreading the payments over several months or a year. 

All gifts are welcome, and appreciated! Most are also tax-deductable.

If you would like to visit Grace Reformed Church, to learn more about the church’s history, and see the beautiful cathedral and to have a closer look at what must be done to save this historic and aesthetically wondrous site, tours of the property can be arranged for individuals or groups by contacting us directly.

Or, feel free to join Grace Reformed Church’s regular Sunday service at 11am as a visitor, any Sunday.



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